Обложка книги Vain Wish

Vain Wish

ISBN: 059533363X;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 410

We all have our demons. Jainey Warren gets to meet hers. Frumpy, obese Jainey Warren feels that all her dreams have come true when she mysteriously wakes up thin one morning. Suddenly the world opens up to heras a normal-sized person, as if her life had always been on hold. Now she can really start to live. Live, that is, if she is no longer interested in keeping her soul. Jainey soon discovers that she is a pawn in the spiritual realm, where visits from demons and archangels become commonplace. As she tries to sort out her role in this great battle, she becomes an unwilling participant in a strange game. With so much more than her own happiness in jeopardy, Jainey must make a painful choice.