Обложка книги Parting the Veil

Parting the Veil

ISBN: 0765348365;
Издательство: Tor Books
Страниц: 384

For most of his life, John Creed never gave much thought to an afterlife. That all changed the day he died. He'd been clinically dead for ten minutes. At least, that's what the doctors told him when he woke up in intensive care. It had been a freak accident, they said. A school bus suddenly turned in front of his red convertible, smashing it to bits. By all odds, that should have been it. John's injuries had been grave. His heart had stopped and been restarted.He'd flatlined. His brain showed no signs of activity. Only sheer stubbornness kept the doctors from pulling the plug. Then, days later, he suddenly, mysteriously woke up - confused, in pain, but very much alive. At first, he didn't remember much of what had happened. But then, the dreams began ... The accident itself, in vivid, second-by-second detail. The face of the woman who had been driving the bus - a face twisted with pure hatred. The long hours in the trauma center, as he...

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