Обложка книги The Maya Gateway

The Maya Gateway

ISBN: 1590922115;
Издательство: Windstorm Creative Ltd
Страниц: 304

Within the pages of "The Maya Gateway", the reader will find a number of unexpected musings threaded into the context of the story. An interesting comparison of Schizophrenic delusions to Shamanic visions is made, and while that dialogue is not expanded or made a key part of the plot, including it in the book adds to the overall reading experience. Another discussion finds its way into the story related to the evolution of the human mind as contributing to the historic end of direct communication with God. It is clear that Coleman and Perrin find many topics worthy of exploration in their writing. A deliberation on the word "murder" as notably absent from the Mayan vocabulary is particularly remarkable when put in the context of a culture where human sacrifices were central to ceremonial life. There is also a segment of the story that details a foolhardy attempt is to debug a Maya God out of a computer program. Add in a 2,000 year old Maya legend that includes Jesus Christ and John...