Обложка книги Diuturnity's Dawn (The Founding of the Commonwealth, Book 3)

Diuturnity's Dawn (The Founding of the Commonwealth, Book 3)

ISBN: 0345418662;
Издательство: Del Rey
Страниц: 336

Book Description In the climactic third novel of the Founding of the Commonwealth, bestselling author Alan Dean Foster continues the spectacular space adventure that traces the perilous early years of this remarkable universe. . . . From the beginning, contact between humankind and the thranx has been tenuous at best. Nearly a century after first contact, the likelihood of closer human/thranx relations is as far away as ever. Yet idealists on both sides refuse to surrender their dreams of achieving an alliance. Among the most dedicated are a minor diplomat named Fanielle Anjou and her thranx counterpart. Others intend to make sure such a liaison never comes to pass . . . by any means necessary . For these xenophobes, the upcoming Humanx Inter-Cultural Fair, the first wholly cross-species event, is a hideous confirmation of their worst fears. Zealots on both sides vow it will be the last of its kind, no matter how many must die. In the coming...

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