Обложка книги Factoring Humanity

Factoring Humanity

ISBN: 0765309033;
Издательство: Orb Books
Страниц: 336

Amazon.com Factoring Humanity will undoubtedly satisfy Sawyer fans, as well as those looking for positive-future scenarios a la Carl Sagan's Contact . Rather than a galactic vision of war and peace, this novel is localized in the extreme: the plot revolves around Heather, a psychology professor struggling to decipher extraterrestrial messages, and her estranged husband, Kyle, on the brink of the biggest computer science breakthrough of all time. What makes Factoring Humanity work is that Sawyer deals with vast ideas such as alien contact, quantum mechanics, and the human overmind, but does so to a deeply personal effect. Sawyer, like many writers of near-future science fiction, has an unfortunate tendency to be too rooted intoday, to make so many casual references to our present that they draw undue attention to themselves, making it difficult for the reader to suspend disbelief. This fascination with 20th-century pop culture crowds the real story and...