Обложка книги Shadowheart : Legends of the Raven (Legends of the Raven)

Shadowheart : Legends of the Raven (Legends of the Raven)

ISBN: 0575073314;
Издательство: Gollancz
Страниц: 480

Book Description "Heroic fantasy at its best."-- SFX James Barclay has rapidly established himself as one of the leading lights of the fantasy genre, and with 175,000 of his Raven books in print, this fifth entry in the seriesis sure to become a hit. As we once again meet the Raven--a band of swords for hire made up of six men and an elf--they are being tested to the point of destruction. A savage war breaks out across the world as the magical colleges of Balaia tear apart the land in a struggle for supremacy. Can the Raven even survive, much less triumph? Barclay has never been afraid of killing off favorite characters, which has given his works a unique edge; now he's threatening their entire universe. Fans will definitely find this adventure a thrilling, unforgettable ride. James Barclay is the most successful UK fantasy writer of his generation. His previous titles include Dawnthief , Noonshade , Nightchild , and...

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