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E. E. 'Doc' Smith

Skylark Three (Bison Frontiers of Imagination Series)

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ISBN: 0803293038
Издательство: Bison Books
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 247
Book DescriptionIn this exhilarating sequel to The Skylark of Space, momentous danger again stalks genius inventor and interplanetary adventurer Dr. Richard Seaton. Seaton?s allies on the planet Kondal are suffering devastating attacks by the forcesof the Third Planet. Even worse, the menacing and contemptuous Fenachrones are threatening to conquer the galaxy and wipe out all who oppose them. And don?t forget the dastardly machinations of Seaton?s arch-nemesis, DuQuesne, who embarks on a nefarious mission of his own. Against such vile foes and impossible odds, how is victory possible? Featuring even more technological wizardry, alien worlds, and all-out action than its predecessor, Skylark Three is hailed by many as the imaginative high point of the Skylark series. A pioneer of the space opera, E. E. "Doc" Smith (1890?1965) profoundly influenced the development of American science fiction. Smith?s books include the classic Lensman series. Jack...
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