Обложка книги T2: Rising Storm (T2)

T2: Rising Storm (T2)

ISBN: 038080817X;
Издательство: HarperEntertainment
Страниц: 544

Book Description The war is far from over ... Those who fight for the future face the ultimate challenge ... As the electronic brain behind humanity's destruction comes alive. Download Description"The Infiltrator is dead. The Terminators destroyed. But the war is far from over. Severely injured in T2: INFILTRATOR and recuperating in a military hospital, Sarah Connor discovers some shocking information. Meanwhile, John Connor, aided by the former counter-terrorist Dieter von Rossbach, begins a desperate campaign to prepare humanity for the dark times ahead. For the future does not look good. The fledging Skynet-the sentient computer network that will destroy the world; the network the Connors thought they had finally stopped for good-is up andrunning, with the full support of Cyberdyne Corporation. And, unbeknownst to the Connors, another Infiltrator Terminator unit has begun its own clandestine operations. This time, the brave heroes may not be able to stop the future...

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