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Bill Baldwin

The Helmsman (The Helmsman, 1)

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ISBN: 1587521504
Издательство: Timberwolf Press
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 316
Book DescriptionBook # 2 in the best selling Helmsman saga! Ursis nodded soberly out the Hyperscreens toward the merchant ships, then turned to Brim. "Out there, Wilf Ansor," he brooded, "are real heroes of war. To fight from behind disruptors of warshipis something anyone can do. One can always count on lucky shooting to save him from disaster?or heavy armor plate at least. But to face enemy with only black void and thin sheet of hullmetal separating you from disruptors?and then stay in formation?that is kind of bravery we Sodeskayans record in Great Books."
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