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Wilmar Shiras

Children Of The Atom: Facsimile Reproduction Of The 1953 First Edition

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ISBN: 0974889504
Издательство: Red Jacket Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 224
Book DescriptionImagine a group of incredibly gifted children -- all roughly the same age, all hiding amazing abilities from a world they know will never accept them, and all the result of genetic mutation. One man commits himself to the task of gathering these extraordinary children into an experimental new school, both to guide them in the use of their unique abilities and to shield them from the jealous suspicions of the 'normal' population. You may already be familiar with the saga of The UncannyX-Men -- but this is the tale of Wilmar Shiras' Children Of The Atom, first published in 1953 by pioneering SF publisher Gnome Press.
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