Обложка книги Darkscape: The Rebel Lord (Darkscape)

Darkscape: The Rebel Lord (Darkscape)

ISBN: 1553164806;
Издательство: LTDBooks
Страниц: 280

Book DescriptionAcross darkness and space there is only the enemy. Dangerous. Defiant. Charming. Lord Lachlan de Douglas, a noble warrior lord, is heir to a clan of Ancient Earth. Bold, rebellious, possessing strength and passion, he defends his clan from annihilation by a wretched war of vengeance and treachery. Until one day a sudden horror alters his being, condemning him to a world of private anguish and torment. Kimberly Kinsale, a diplomat?s daughter, is a rare beauty motivated by honesty and integrity. Serving as a lieutenant in an elite combat fighter group aboard a warship, her life is manipulated by the intrigues and lies of her commanding officer. A moment of lunacy and folly, a secret revealed, and Kimberly stumbles upon an unspeakable deception. Now she must decide: maintain her loyalty, or betray her clan and ship for a Douglas enemy lord who can prove the truth. She acts, never knowing the battle for justice will pull her into...

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