Обложка книги Memoirs of a Monster

Memoirs of a Monster

ISBN: 1413744877;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 201

Book DescriptionEthen Caldi, the young mayor of the small town of Reddick, mysteriously disappears. His father, Lawrence, the sheriff of Reddick and a nationally recognized homicide cold case solver, has no clues as to the nature of his sons disappearance. Upon learning that his sons life-long best friend and confidant, Sarah, has also vanished, Lawrence collapses under the stress. Sarah returns to Reddick a frightened, bruised, and bloodied young woman. She attempts to convey her nightmarish ordeal to the sheriff and divulges her knowledge of Ethen and the fact that he is alive. Lawrence calls upon Celeena, the most powerful witch of her kind. Celeena attempts to reach Ethen through supernatural powers, but fails, only to stumble onto a deep, dark secret. Enter Malcolm, a 3000-year-old vampire. He is the oldest and most powerful supernatural creature of the universe. After prolonged captivity, he allows Sarah to leave and begin a chain of events that ultimately lead to Lawrence...