Обложка книги Probability Space (The Probability Trilogy)

Probability Space (The Probability Trilogy)

ISBN: 0765345145;
Издательство: Tor Science Fiction
Страниц: 368

Amazon.comAs Probability Space opens, the future looks grim, though humanity has spread across the stars. Humans have gained control of a moon-sized, immensely powerful super-weapon abandoned by a long-gone alien race--an artifact that should protect humanity from its implacable enemy, the Fallers, a ruthlessly xenophobic alien race. Unfortunately, the Fallers have found another of these abandoned super-weapons, and if both are discharged at the highest setting at the same time, then the very fabric of space-time will be shredded, destroying not only all life in the universe, but the universe itself. But for the Fallers, victory may be more important than survival. And a violent military coup has put an insanely ambitious general in command of human space.... A novel of literary hard SF, Probability Space concludes the trilogy that begins with Probability Moon and includes Probability Sun . Author Nancy Kress has received the Hugo Award, the Sturgeon...

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