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Red Thunder

ISBN: 0441011624;
Издательство: Ace Books
Страниц: 411

Amazon.comDebuting in 1974, John Varley became the decade's freshest, most exciting, and most important new science fiction author. He dominated the Seventies with numerous stories and two novels, set mostly in his Eight Worlds future history. By 1984 hehad won three Hugo Awards and two Nebula Awards. Yet his output dwindled through the 1980s, and in the 1990s he released only two novels, Steel Beach and The Golden Globe , a pair of Eight Worlds books that received tepid responses. Fanswho feared Varley was devolving into another Robert A. Heinlein imitator may have mixed reactions to Red Thunder , Varley's first novel of the new millennium. Part of SF's turn-of-the-century trend of "Mars novels," but not part of Varley's Eight Worlds series, Red Thunder reads a lot like a Heinlein juvenile novel, if Heinlein were alive and writing juveniles in 2003. Varley's paying tribute to the Master's juveniles, especially Rocket Ship Galileo and Red Planet...

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