Обложка книги The GALILEO Syndrome

The GALILEO Syndrome

ISBN: 0975365509;
Издательство: Canopy Publishing
Страниц: 471

Book DescriptionThis generation pays the bill for climate change On the fiftieth anniversary of Earthday, humanity can no longer bring antiquated systems to bear against the problem that has been washing over the species for decades. These children, having inherited a bullwork against the changing climate now stare at the beast of our making and the Greenhouse Laws are invoked. The malevolent bastard child of Kyoto, the Greenhouse Laws limit energy usage by eliminating automobile transport without a permit, travel without a pass, availability of heat, refrigeration and clean water; it reduces communication to a trickle and requires every citizen to report monthly wattage. Non approved energy consuming activity by the population has become illegal--a lack of energy brings forth a lack of freedom. Of course there are always Privileges. Carlos Jordan is seventeen when the Greenhouse Laws are enacted. For this generation the payments due for climate change can no...