Обложка книги Context (Nulapeiron Sequence)

Context (Nulapeiron Sequence)

ISBN: 1591023351;
Издательство: Pyr
Страниц: 551

Book DescriptionNulapeiron: a world isolated for twelve centuries. Its billions of inhabitants occupy subterranean strata, ruled by a logosophically trained aristocracy of Lords and Ladies whose power base is upheld by Oracles. But revolution has touchedall of its many cultures ? failing in its intent, yet changing everything. Now Lord Tom Corcorigan ? the commoner-turned-noble who renounced his power, the poet, logosopher, and holder of the key to understanding the myriad wonders of mu-space, the legendary one-armed warrior, former revolutionary and would-be peacemaker ? lies fatally wounded. His survival is dependant on his meeting with a mysterious Seer whose spacetime-warping talents transcend the merely Oracular. It is a confrontation that will result in bitter tragedy and loss. Can the woman he loves be truly dead, or can quantum mysteries lie beyond the grave? Turning his back on a society sliding once more into anarchy and chaos, a disillusioned and...