Обложка книги Glorious Treason

Glorious Treason

ISBN: 0553587773;
Издательство: Spectra
Страниц: 432

Book DescriptionA brainy intergalactic beauty must save a backwater planet from annihilation by its most treacherous enemies: The 33rd-century titans of corporate greed who rule her world…. Gloria VanDeen’s special brand of smarts, sexiness, and raw courage has won her a promotion within the Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs. For her first assignment, she’s been dispatched to the planet Sylvania on a voter registration drive. But Gloria knows the real score. Sylvania is anUnincorporated Imperial Territory with murky homesteading laws. Once Gloria “democratizes” the planet, her ex-husband, the Emperor himself, plans to pillage it for Fergusite–the priceless emerald crystals that have lured boomers for light-years. With mining operations set to begin, Sylvania’s beleaguered populace are looking to Gloria to save their world. Of course, countermanding the Emperor’s wishes is treason to the highest degree. With the eyes...

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