Обложка книги La invasion

La invasion

ISBN: 9707702141;
Издательство: Alfaguara
Страниц: 304

Book DescriptionIt is the end of the 19th century in Mexico. Half of the Mexican territory is now in the hands of the United States of America. In the midst of this national catastrophe, we hear the voices of heroes and traitors, and, through the reminiscences of Abelardo, we learn of the callings, the will and the passion of Mexican citizens questioning the future: "If there is really something after death, which role will our colorful life play in this kaleidoscope? ..." This novel describes a dark time in the history of Mexico without losing site of those whose voices are typically ignored. Description in Spanish: Mexico, fines del siglo XIX. Abelardo escribe sus recuerdos de juventud, ineludiblemente entrelazados con la intervencion norteamericana de 1847. Atestigua el proceso creativo su esposa, una mujer liberal que cuestiona y motiva a Abelardo, y es uno de sus principales motivos para escribir. Es sabido lo que paso entonces: la mitad del territorio mexicano...