Обложка книги Silver Screen

Silver Screen

ISBN: 1591023386;
Издательство: Pyr
Страниц: 383

Book DescriptionSilver Screen presents an enjoyably different, subversive slant on the Science Fiction themes of AI and cyberspace. Insecure and overweight heroine Anjuli O?Connell is one of a group of friends who have been hothoused from an early age to perform in genius-level jobs. But Anjuli worries that her eidetic memory and her friendship with genuine smart boy Roy Croft has been her ticket to success, rather than any real intelligence of her own. She?s put to the test when Roy kills himself in an experiment to upload his mind into cyberspace, seeking that SF dream of bodiless immortality ... which doesn?t work as expected. At the same time her boyfriend?s research has led to him harnessing himself to dubious biomechanoid technologies which pull the user into mental symbiosis, creating hybrid consciousness ? a new "I", continuous with the old, but different. "Where does life end and the machine begin?" Meanwhile Anjuli?s grasping multinational...