Обложка книги The Forensic Files of Batman

The Forensic Files of Batman

ISBN: 1596871156;
Издательство: iBooks, Inc
Страниц: 320

Book DescriptionAlthough strong and relentless, Batman has no super powers. Instead he relies on Sherlock Holmes-like abilities of deduction and detection. Forensic Files of Batman features two dozen entries from Batman?s Case Files. Most arewritten by Batman himself, but two are from Police Commissioner Gordon, and there are a couple of other entries from Batman?s right hand man, Alfred the butler. Cases range from the puzzling to the bizarre, and feature such classic Batman villains as The Joker, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Two-Face. Interspersed among the Case File reports are sidebars that explain the specific kinds of forensic science that Batman uses to solve his cases.