Обложка книги Sovereign Debt: Origins, Management, and Restructuring

Sovereign Debt: Origins, Management, and Restructuring


ISBN: 1862031452;
Издательство: Royal Institute of International Affairs
Страниц: 300

This timely and innovative book examines the ongoing debate on resolving sovereign debt defaults and alleviating the debt burden of highly indebted poor countries (HIPC). Concentrating primarily on the past twenty years and focusing on money owed to boththe public and the private sector, the volume examines the origins of debt crises, rescheduling tactics, and efforts to create a more enduring solution to the problem of coping with debt. Contributors address related aspects of the international financial system, and examine negotiations involved in rescheduling debt, as well as its efficacy. Policy recommendations are put forward for dealing with the onerous problem of debt default and rescheduling. The authors provide historical and conceptual analyses and consider cutting-edge ideas on the emerging modes of governance of international debt issues. Their contributions are essential reading for scholars in the fields of international economics and political economy,...