Обложка книги Was That You?

Was That You?

ISBN: 1413761372;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 292

Book Description Meet Keith Austin, the most unique person in the entire world. What makes him so unique is that when Keith falls asleep and dreams, he is alive wherever he is sleeping, but he is also alive and doing whatever the sleeping Keith is dreaming. Throughout the first 37 years of life, Keith is unaware of this phenomenon. To him, they are just dreams. He is living the perfect life! He has a perfect wife, the perfect child, perfect friends and the perfect job. Yes, all perfectYuntil his dreams bring his dream self closer to home. Then his perfect life becomes a crouching nightmare. Do his accusers believe Keith when he tells them that it wasn't really him who committed those illegal and shameful acts? That they were only dreams he was having? Will you believe him? Meet Keith Austin before you answer.