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John Teton

Appearing Live at the Final Test

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ISBN: 0595275737
Издательство: iUniverse
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 228
Book DescriptionAPPEARING LIVE AT THE FINAL TEST is an extremely well-written novel — a pleasure to read, a wild ride of depression at some points, exhilaration at others. John Teton has raised some serious concerns regarding the fate of civilizations, and our consciousness is raised with this thought-provoking work." Erie Chaisson, Author, Cosmic Evolution Professor of Astronomy and Physics, Tufts University Director, Wright Center for Science Education APPEARING LIVE AT THE FINAL TEST is an intense hybrid of contemporary real-world drama and mythic science fiction about a black newsstand operator, his wife, and three neighbors in a Brooklyn-like neighborhood, whose lives take a cosmic punch from a nuclear bomb threat that launches them on an eerie and spellbinding journey. APPEARING LIVE AT THE FINAL TEST is a genre-breaking story unlike any other. Its scenes range from a scarily realistic depiction of an urban nuclear event to mind-stretching intergalactic travel — all...
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