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Mark Gillies

Astride the Farthest Star

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ISBN: 0595288596
Издательство: iUniverse
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 230
Book DescriptionThe endless war is being fought on one of the 11 planets in their unusual solar system and the ten million remaining people of Unis know they are slowly being exterminated. No one knows if one of the other planets can provide a safe havenbut if they do not escape they will surely die. The only space ship ever built is sent out with the last prayer of these desperate people. The new planet has mere remnants of the old and dying civilizations fighting to the last while Nature is slowly repairing the environment and resurfacing the world. Strange new creatures are evolving from the wastes the dead and the dying have left behind. Can Tangor repair his space ship with the detritus of the past? Should Tangor delay his return tohelp his new found friends? Would it be one struggle and one disappointment after another? Would PolodaA?s power amplifier still be operating for his return? Would truth, justice and the Unisian way survive?
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