Обложка книги Creeton


ISBN: 1592862594;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 140

Book Description?May the power of friendship always be the healing force that holds societies and worlds together, and may every citizen of Earth gain a vision for worldwide peace!? Creeton is a powerful story that depicts the glory of peace, the power of friendship, and the brutality of evil, as John Brown and Dave Miller stumble upon an alien spacecraft and inadvertently engage the autopilot which rockets them to the planet Creeton. Creeton resembles a futuristic Earth, but the people of Creeton have never had any wars, and they have not experienced the crime that plagues Earth. Unfortunately, the peaceful people of Creeton are crying for help as an evil society of aliens called Warlids have begun a conquest of the galaxy, striking Creeton with all of their might. John and Dave have embarked on a journey that will save the lives of billions and that will forever deepen their friendship. Creeton is a heart-pounding adventure from cover to cover!