Обложка книги Damage, Inc.

Damage, Inc.

ISBN: 0595284604;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 286

Book DescriptionBy the dawn of the 23rd century, a group of warring corporations known as the "Big 5" owned everything. They spent billions in advertising and PR campaigns. Their mission: brainwash the public. Every human being was a potential consumer whose individuality and freedom of choice needed to be limited and controlled. Politicians, despite their claims to the contrary, were puppets to the heads of this handful of worldwide super conglomerates. The problem: nobody cared. Things were good for the general population. Market share meant dominance so the Big 5 made it easy for them to consume all they could. The Big 5 not only owned all the businesses, they owned all the people. Of course, there were those who wouldn't conform to the established norm. They became the last true entrepreneurs. This is their story. As it turns out, even in the 23rd century, crime still pays.