Обложка книги Dance of the Lights

Dance of the Lights

ISBN: 0595283454;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 346

Book DescriptionFrank relishes fast success and early retirementA?until the monotony turns to boredom and loneliness thrusts him into a desperate struggle to protect the people he cares about most. Beverly thinks moving south will mark a new beginning, but consuming grief steals control of her own destiny and threatens her very survival. All twelve-year-old Kevin wants is attention from a man he can respect, yet tragedy proves even that might never be enough. Together they must discover their own brand of unexpected love, a promise forged in adversity, enduring through loss, and sustaining that infinite potential to achieve more than any one person can alone. Through it all, theyA?re teased by the mystery of those dancing lights, a million pinpoints in every imaginable color swirling into images of extraordinary lives, their brilliance whispered in the simplest truths as they discover new ways to teach us all.

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