Обложка книги Debriefing of an Unknown Form of Existence

Debriefing of an Unknown Form of Existence

ISBN: 0595279880;
Издательство: Authors Choice Press
Страниц: 250

Book DescriptionWhat you are about to read is mind altering and may very well undermine the foundations of all previously acquired perceptions relative to man's subjective state of being and objective relationship with the material universe. Before you is the transcript of an informal, extemporaneous and non-structured debriefing of AN UNKNOWN FORM OF EXISTENCE. Approximately three hundred questions were answered by the sole survivor of a technologically advanced flying craft that collided with a Soviet Nuclear Icebreaker. Six sober-minded officers, a secretary and the captain of the icebreaker participated in the debriefing of a visitor from an uncharted planet in our own solar system. During this debriefing the crew of the disabled Soviet Icebreaker was ordered to salvage the wreckage of the alien craft in anticipation that the sole surviving pilot would assist in the understanding and reconstruction of this advanced piece of technology. Such an achievement, if realized to fruition,...

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