Обложка книги Echelon's End: Book 2 : Sidereal Quest

Echelon's End: Book 2 : Sidereal Quest

ISBN: 0595275818;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 264

Book DescriptionA Tauron ambush has blasted the "AST Saarien" out of existence on its maiden voyage, plunging its unwittingly courageous Aidennian survivors into the terrifying emptiness of the Great Void. Now each day is a game of survival with the merciless Universe! A doomed globe has become the refuge for the Aidennians. Commander Capel and his crew of the "Pioneer 4" notice their life-raft world is undergoing changes. The world's tri-suns are found to be on a count down to detonation. The only course open to the Aidennians is to repair their impaired ship and evacuate. As the restoration timeline ticks away, the Aidennians become consumed with unlocking the secret to mysterious transmissions that have suddenly begun to interrupt their repairs. Could the Taurons have found them?

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