Обложка книги Five Decades Of The X-Men

Five Decades Of The X-Men

ISBN: 0743475011;
Издательство: I Books/Marvel
Страниц: 272

Book Description Edited and with an introduction by Stan Lee, co-creator of the X-Men. An extraordinary collection of new stories celebrating five decades of the world's most popular Super Hero team! They are mutants -- born with extraordinary powers, and hated by mankind for being different from normal human beings. Yet the X-Men are mankind's greatest champions against the forces of chaos. Now five writers have produced five thrilling adventures that span the five decades of the X-Men. In a compelling and sensitive story, John J. Ordover (The Ultimate Silver Surfer) shows how difficult it is for a super hero teenager to have a life outside of the X-Men team. Sholly Fisch (X-Men Legends) delivers a gripping saga of tarnished dreams and twisted ambition that finds the X-Men in a life-and-death battle against the sinister biotech firm Genentech and the man who has unwittingly given Genentech the means to destroy all mutantkind. ...