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John Mark Simpson

Mines of Luna: Lunar Resources, the Golden Rule

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ISBN: 0595274072
Издательство: Writers Club Press
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 302
Book DescriptionAfter a bold rescue in Seattle Washington by Kirov and a squad of his most elite Marauders, the US Government discovers that the resurrected galactic pirates are disguising themselves as the Security Force for China’s Lunar Mining Company. Incredible riches are discovered at the lunar South Pole and the Marauders are tasked with protecting those lunar resources. A new evil emerges from the most unlikely place and the mysterious arch villain, known as “Draco,” plots the destiny of his expanding empire and to dominate the resources of the moon. Chamele, the most unlikely candidate for an off-world adventure, is thrust into the enmeshed plot by her intense love for Grady, the newly appointed “Sky Marshal” of Space. While Sky Marshal Grady forms up the first company of “Space Marines,” Chamele’s blinding love lowers her judgment and she joins the Lunar Security Force so that she can be nearer to her first true love. Disaster...
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