Обложка книги Osguards: Revelations : Guardians of the Universe

Osguards: Revelations : Guardians of the Universe

ISBN: 0595272800;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 377

Book DescriptionMaxum Kie Ritchen learns a deadly secret that threatens his world and plagues his planet with civil war. In his madness, he releases the deadly Terinolice Virus onto USSTAP's Millmum Capitol Station. The Osguards and all of Millmum Capitol Station are dying. Their only hope is Osguard 55, Juanita Genesis Clark. She must leave her grieving family on Earth and travel across the galaxy to get the one man who has the cure for the Terinolice Virus. Just one catch, he's on Kulusk. Meanwhile on Earth, USSTAP Officer Stelana Rican and FBI Special Agent Anthony Musoto must track down the killer of Juanita's 5-year old cousin, unaware of the biological terror playing out in the heavens above them.