Обложка книги Project Childlock

Project Childlock

ISBN: 1592865747;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 144

Book DescriptionIt is 3743. A second Holocaust, a purging of the American population, has begun. For 14-year-old Kamara Jime, this is particularly trying. She is, unlike most of America, not brainwashed and distrusting of the government. She sees right through them?right into the horrifying truth?the government Within weeks of leaving her home, as required by law, Kamara finds herself shipped off to a Facility, along with countless others who didn?t make the cut for America?s new race. Kamara, however, has what they don?t?the initiative to run. Along with her new comrades?Ahrene, an ethereal girl whose whole life is a secret; and Zaijan, whose love for her deranged older sister has driven her to silence?Kamara begins a journey for freedom. But the three are now at the top of the government?s hit list and the government will not be defied