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The Adventures of Astro Kid and Space Dog Leroy

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ISBN: 059527837X
Издательство: iUniverse
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 96
Book DescriptionReboot your mind and engage your creative imagination and follow the space travelers into the threshold of a new era of space adventure as they embark upon a journey to save the universe from the A?Evil Cabal and the Dragoon Warriors.A? The Evil Cabal is on a rampage to control the universe by stealing the emerald crystal from itA?s hiding place in the land of light and use it to control the inhabitants of the earth all the creatures that reside in the universe. This crystal contained unusual powers. Wars had been fought for eons to capture it but all had fail until now, this put the universe in a calamitous situation with dire consequences. The good and evil of all worlds are about to collide in a cataclysmic battle for survival. The space travelers enter many diverse worlds in an attempt to wrest the powers that be from the A?Evil Cabal and the Dragoon Warriors.A? The mighty earth warriors are also...
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