Обложка книги The Encroacher Solution: Seeking the Answer to Survival

The Encroacher Solution: Seeking the Answer to Survival

ISBN: 0595278639;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 104

Book DescriptionSurvival in a new environment is always a challenge. Reality and science fiction seldom flourish together. The fact that early science fiction about a rocket to the moon actually came true is refreshing. Fiction often mimics reality! Observing your culture through the eyes of others is quite revealing. Examining the language of your own culture is more revealing. The Encroacher takes you on an incredible journey into the realm of choice in human emotions. Survivability skills are under a microscope as the beautiful KT weaves her way through a newfound world of strangers. The open-minded will have an out-of-body experience by viewing the earth we live on through the eyes of an extraterrestrial visitor. Her psychological mission to disclosethe secrets of sound mental health emerge slowly, but the insights into the mastery of effective living are often revealed in this delightful human story. The readers are free to come to conclusions about their own survivability...