Обложка книги The Gifted: Welcome to Carroll Academy

The Gifted: Welcome to Carroll Academy

ISBN: 1592864856;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 164

Book DescriptionThe Gifted opens with MaryJo, Robyn, and Elizabella arriving at Carroll Academy. Along with their belongings, they bring their unique emotional problems. MaryJo killed a man with her untamed psychic outburst. The Academy offers her a chance at redemption ? that is, if she can accept her own innocence and embrace the gift. Robyn never speaks aloud. She longs for friends who share her mental abilities. She finds MaryJo and the true meaning of friendship. Elizabella?s world centersaround herself; when MaryJo and Robyn refuse to submit to her will, she vows revenge. After all, no one crosses a ?Carroll.? William twists emotions. Elizabella?s selfishness draws him in. The abandoned mill proves a perfect setting for his twisted desires. Elizabella?s hidden gift can save her, MaryJo, and Robyn from William. If she will put aside years of selfishness to become a conduit for MaryJo?s untested powers, can friendship replace revenge?