Обложка книги The Gorrideon

The Gorrideon

ISBN: 1591295599;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 228

Book DescriptionThis story is about Zuros. His search for his lost brother is interrupted by a message from his parents, who are dying. The young man learns he has an ancestry about which he was not told. This ancestry places a great burden upon him, as he was not taught the ways of his ancestors. Now Zuros will have to learn them on his own. It is not just his home world, but many other worlds that are all under threat of invasion from a horde of intergalactic terrorists. He will travel to distant worlds to fight a new enemy, who will have an unexpected ally. He will search for and utilize new technologies and also ancient ones that were thought to be lost. He will discover a secret that has been hidden for so long it is unbelievable. All this and more,but will he make it in time before the invasion?