Обложка книги The Last Rainbow: Angels' Portal

The Last Rainbow: Angels' Portal

ISBN: 0595275184;
Издательство: Writer's Showcase Press
Страниц: 680

Book DescriptionWill the same struggles we face today drive the human spirit one thousand years from now? Why does so much evil exist in the world today? Is God completely dispassionate, or are there some other dark and sinister forces at work entirely? Skip forward in time, approximately one thousand years, to a hostile and desperate environment, where on a near sterile earth, mankind clings precariously to life. A sun that has inextricably entered into an early pre-nova stage as well as countless nuclear, chemical, and biological wars have taken their horrible toll, forcing most of mankind deep underground. Starved for the light, those who survive seek shelter in solitude and hallucinate conspiracy theories as the days meld into one another. Vast new alliances have been forged in blood, with once unlikely enemies now close friends. Into this worldwide paranoia a "savior" is born--a male child possessing an extraordinary intellect, the likes of which has rarely been seen by...

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