Обложка книги The Lemming Disaster: An Incredible Story of Revenge

The Lemming Disaster: An Incredible Story of Revenge

ISBN: 0805960341;
Издательство: Dorrance Pub Co
Страниц: 118

Book DescriptionMeet George Blake, the author of The Lemming Disaster. As the author of five popular non-fiction books, George has now decided to switch over to the fiction side of writing with this, his first novel. Of course, he didn?t want to write just any fictional story. He particularly wanted his first novel to be the most unusual, most creative, and most bizarre story that his fertile mind could conjure. The Lemming Disaster meets and exceeds this criteria. It is the story of a seeminglynormal family that is torn apart by the acts of revenge planned in some of the strangest, most devastating ways possible by their gifted teenage son. Set in the wilds of Alaska, the social isolation of one young boy sets the stage for terrifying events that change the fate of thousands of his fellow townspeople. To learn the full extent of Jason?s devious schemes, you will have to read The Leming Disaster yourself and experience the shocking events of this powerful narrative.

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