Обложка книги The Mystery of Merrimer Lake

The Mystery of Merrimer Lake

ISBN: 1592861504;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 140

Book DescriptionThe Mystery of Merrimer Lake follows Daniel Vanbibber and a strange teen-aged girl, Daniel soon learns is from the future, as they wrestle with the unexplored tunnel in Merrimer Lake and the possibility that it may be a glitch in time-dimensions, providing an opportunity for time-travel exploration! The problem is, neither expected to be the actual pioneers heading this exciting revelation, besides the fact that nobody will believe them. Plus, the five people who did try to explore the tunnel in the lake never made it out alive. Four out of five bodies were recovered. The only person never seen again was Daniel?s great-grandfather. Unfortunate circumstances take Daniel and Savannah on a suspense-filled journey that you don?t want to miss! Be prepared when you enter the deep, dark, mysterious and murky depths of Merrimer Lake. There is no end to the possibilities. And, danger lurks everywhere!

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