Обложка книги The New Silk Road: Secrets of Business Success in China Today

The New Silk Road: Secrets of Business Success in China Today

ISBN: 0471377228;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 144

The New Silk Road The first insider's guide to business success in China How is China different from other business environments?. . . What are the pitfalls and the keys to success there?. . . How different is the market place?. . . How do you make a joint venture work?. . . How do you overcome the bureaucratic hurdles to doing business in China?. . . How do you change a traditional Chinese business enterprise?. . . How do you develop good relationships with Chinese partners and government officials?. . . What experience should business managers have before going to work in China?. . . How do I find, train, and motivate local managers?. . . How do I manage the expectations of the head office?. . . . . .You'll find answers to these and other crucial questions about doing business in China in The New Silk Road. Based on interviews with the heads of operations of eleven top global...

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