Обложка книги Tiger Swallowtale

Tiger Swallowtale

ISBN: 0595294391;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 352

Book Description Tiger Swallowtale,/I> is a Science Fiction/Fantasy novel of the Planet Earth (dirt) that began 5000 years ago somewhere else. This story takes you from before the pyramids were built in Egypt and/or the Americas to the 1930A?sA?out to tomorrow. No we are not alone, and Harry Potter is not the only witch on this planet. Humans CAN be better, or elseA so letA?s go look. Have a care. Those truly committed to the Old Word (in whatever Faith or Belief) are duly warned. Untoward hurt, offense, even major damage to that/those worldviews may ensue. Beware. You are offered a choice: To turn and run now and at this point will result only in missing a beautiful trip. As stated before, however, have a care along the way. And be ready to run.