Обложка книги August the 6th

August the 6th

ISBN: 0595311202;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 234

Download Description Laura Taylor, a kind, benevolent woman. Or is she? Is she just a normal homemaker going about her own business in the quiet hometown where she lives? What powers does the gentle redhead possess? If she is just an innocent,sixty-year old woman, why is she appearing in the dreams of countless people throughout the country? Why is she summoning them to come down to her hometown? Laura has a strange secret to reveal to them, and one that she hopes they will believe fortheir very own lives will depend on it. She must prepare them to embark on a journey to their ancestral home, many light years away! Laura must succeed in convincing them to believe her before it is too late, before August the 6th .