Обложка книги Berserker Man (The Berserker)

Berserker Man (The Berserker)

ISBN: 074349878X;
Издательство: Baen
Страниц: 688

Book DescriptionFor countless millennia the dreadful Berserkerr fleets have ranged across the galaxy in a relentless war against all things living. Their equally relentless opponent has been one of the least evolved of intelligent species, for of all thestarfaring races, only mankind still has the heritage and instinct of battle, facing the enemy of all life in battle after battle. Here are four of those battles in the war between humans and the powerful death machines. Berserker's Planet: When a Berserker, severely damaged in a great battle between the fleets of humanity and the exterminating robot ships, hides on a planet whose inhabitants are just entering a period corresponding to the middle ages on Earth, a cult arises dedicated to death and worship of the Berserker's mobile robots. A lone rebel, armed only with medieval weaponry, doesn't stand a chance-or does he? The Berserker Throne: Exiled from the Eight Worlds, a prince discovers an operable Berserker-and the secret code...