Обложка книги Dakota Dreamtime

Dakota Dreamtime

ISBN: 0595325297;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 298

Book Description"The bones and the stories that you seek are far from here. You must go to the place of your own Dreamtime. You have what you need. Go. Go now." These are the words that folklorist and wanna-be dinosaur hunter Allison Swenson O'Conner hears from a mysterious Aborigine who comes to her in a dream on a dinosaur dig deep in the Australian Outback. They set in motion a series of cryptic and prophetic events that soon find Allie back on the windswept plains of her native South Dakota, and include the dinosaur find of a lifetime. Along the way, Allie is joined by a wild cast of characters that include some lively Australian houseguests, an egomaniacal paleontologist, and a psychic barber, just to name a few. And all along the way,the mysterious Aborigine reappears in a series of mysterious and prophetic dreams that Allie has no choice but to take seriously. Download Description?