Обложка книги Menace in Morea

Menace in Morea

ISBN: 0595287603;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 445

Book DescriptionAn abnorm whose psionic power condemns her as traitor in Morea Empire, Shaylah McEire hides her true nature in order to survive while Prince Radj Sebastiani dons peasant disguise to fight for abnorm rights. Meanwhile, to "protect alldecent citizens," Paladin General Moth Timoleon executes abnorms and Sympathizers with legendary zeal. Each struggles to extract justice from injustice and happiness from misery while serving the greater good. Their paths cross. Moth and Shay find impossible love while Radj risks all for his holy Cause. Seeing a Sympathizer in Shay, Radj plots to rescue her. Shay believes love unconditional, but Moth cannot long remain blind. Will he detect Shay's true nature? Unmask Radj? Sacrifice heart to duty? Will Shay abandon hiding to embrace her power? Will Radj escape Paladin snares? Who will survive? Find out in Menace in Morea, the first book in Ally J. Mahin's Annals of Morea Series. Download DescriptionAn...