Обложка книги Orbital Burn

Orbital Burn

ISBN: 1894063104;
Издательство: EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Страниц: 305

Book DescriptionIn Orbital Burn, a seriously down on her luck unlicensed Stalktown PI named Louise "Lou" Meagher ekes out a sparse living solving petty crimes. She is chronically broke, clinically dead, and nervous about being evacuated from her home planet, Kestrel. In nine days time an unstoppable doomsday rock, known as the Bloody Bastard, will destroy her world and anybody unlucky enough to still be around. She simply wants to go upStalk. To get off Kestrel. Waiting her turn to evacuate, Lou takes on one last case: locating a lost defective biological android boy known only as Kid. It looks as if the case could be impossible to solve, especially when things take an ominous turn and Lou learns that vast and powerful forces have their own interests in locating the potentially valuable little boy. To solve the case, Lou will have to keep her crumbling wits about her; prevent herself from prematurely turning to dust and stay at least one step ahead of the bad guys....