Обложка книги Osguards: Armageddon : Guardians of the Universe

Osguards: Armageddon : Guardians of the Universe

ISBN: 0595330827;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 398

Book DescriptionWith the apparent defeat of the Kulusk Empire, the President of the United States steps up his research on USSTAP, sending FBI Agent Tony Musoto to personally engage in talks with an irate First Osguard. Unbeknownst to the First Osguard and the President of the United States, the Tuit Consortium, an Amazon race from the Centauris Super Star Cluster and the real source behind the Kulusks' aggression, come out of hiding. They are bent on revenge against the Osguards for a tragedy that happened over a century earlier. The Tuits have set in motion a two-prong attack plan. In their first objective they pit the United States Government and USSTAP against one another. The second objective has Rina of Jaywick, the Sixth Daughter of Fire leading attacks on USSTAP's economic centers of power, the dialairtic crystal mines. She introduces a new era of war fighting as she employs the rhetoric cannons, a planet killer, obliterating entire solar systems within minutes.Download...