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T.M. Takoda

Red Ridge

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ISBN: 1412019877
Издательство: Trafford Publishing
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 318
Book DescriptionSet in the year 2225. For Torrin of Red Ridge, the journey to leadership and manhood begins at age 25. No longer will he be a watcher on the lookout ridge, seraching the warning beacons for signs of war. He will learn the secrets hidden deep within his mountain home of Monte Cristo. Secrets even his own mother has held from him. But his best friend Sherman will be there for him, just as he always has. Torrin's journey begins east, to the very fringes of his own wilderness. Deep in a northwest forest, an ancient world is revealed to the young leader - a world of power and strength in the form of a man. What he learns from his father, however, he can share with no others. No one must know of the forest dwellers. Friendships are rekindled as five young adults revisit their past. A past of childhood pranks, and laughter, hard work and training. They seek answers of the America they read about, and the Oil Wars that changed everything. Youth may have...
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