Обложка книги The Dothorian Door

The Dothorian Door

ISBN: 0595321321;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 382

Book Description The Dothorian Door is an adventure story fraught with death defying decisions and courage beyond compare. Young Cayce Davis lets his curiosity get the best of him and steps into a mysterious light on Dorian's Ridge only to be teleported two hundred years into the future. Here he finds the last of the human race battling a superior alien species, both of whom are on the verge of extinction. A few days hinder if someone would have told him he was going to be the savior of millions of people Cayce Davis would have scoffed and laughed in their faces. Yet now as he sat on his father's deathbed, he realized no one else could do what needed to be done. If the human race were to survive, he would not only have to succeed in out battling his incarnate father, but win over the hearts and minds of an alien species known as the Dothorians. He would have to teach them, life, begotten by death, is life not at all, but a surrogate worth not living. And in doing so, he,...